How to prepare two exams simultaneously?

How to prepare more exams in a single session? The word to the experts!

During an exam session at the university, you may have to face two tests within a few days. Do you already feel the panic that assails you? Take a deep breath and relax: there is nothing to worry about, all you need is good organization and a proven method of study. In fact, an exam is nothing but a verification, written or oral, of what was learned during the semester, or during the academic year and therefore preparing two exams simultaneously is not an impossible mission.

Of course, we understand it, performance anxiety doubles when we face a double challenge in a few days, so we asked CEPU experts, 5 tips on how to prepare two exams simultaneously.

Prepare two exams simultaneously: watch the lessons

If you know that in the next session you will have to take two exams in a short time, play ahead! Follow the lessons of both subjects and take detailed notes: the more precise you are in reporting the prof’s words, the more you can easily go over again.

Not only: as recommended by the CEPU Tutor Martina Potenza, sit in the first class benches, in a place where you are sure not to be distracted and where you will read the blackboard well. This will be of great help to you both to better follow, trying to grasp the end of each lesson, thus gaining valuable clues on the most dear topics to the teacher, that to see the blackboard well. In fact, transcribing the professor’s plans is essential to understand what are the essential points and take intelligent notes that are not the mere transcription of a lesson.

Also, don’t wait for the end of the course to start studying: every evening after class, review the notes taken during the day. In this way, you can dedicate the last two weeks to the review, without having to study everything from scratch risking to confuse you.

Prepare two exams simultaneously: choose fixed study times for each subject

Applying backword planning to exam preparation is the golden advice of the CEPU Tutor Luca Alonzi and is also the best way to be able to prepare two or more exams simultaneously. This is a really simple procedure:

  • (a) take a calendar and mark the date of your exam
  • (b) determine how much time per day you can devote to the preparation of this exam based on your needs
  • (c) divide the total preparation time of the exam by the number of study hours per day, thus obtaining the number of days you need to prepare for your exam

Finally, remember to divide the study day well. He dedicates the morning to one subject and the afternoon to the other, marking the steps on a calendar: reading, study, review. In this way the brain will not be confused, concentrating on one subject at a time.

Prepare two exams simultaneously: make sure you have all the material at hand

To cope well with two exams in a few days, it is essential to have an excellent organization. Order the notes after each lesson and dedicate a shelf to each of the two subjects to be studied. In this way, you will help the mind to divide the two subjects of study and not to be confused. Photographic memory is also very important, especially if the subjects of study are very different from one another. Emphasize every material with a different color: it will help you to clarify.

Prepare two exams simultaneously: do not memorize and study wisely

This rule is always valid, even more so if it involves having to take two exams in a short time. In fact, learning by heart you risk forgetting everything in a few days. Always analyze what is explained in class or what you read in the books: if you understand the concepts well, it will be easier to avoid the famous “memory lapses” in front of the teacher and you will need only a few days to brush up on the subject.

A good way to avoid studying by heart is to be able to point out in the right way so that the concepts are immediately at the center of the study session.

Prepare two exams together: how to underline notes and books

Raffaella Lira, CEPU French Tutor, has an infallible method. There he is:

First – Remember that the text to be read is always composed of a series of elements that provide information:

  • The main concept, the idea
  • The sequence of concepts
  • Expanding the concept
  • Comparisons and diversity
  • The causes and effects

Second – Read and emphasize at the same time, but remember to emphasize only if you understand the text well

Third – Emphasize little information, only those that are needed to guide you in the topic

Fourth – Use colors to distinguish information; for example:

  • Circle the red keywords
  • Emphasize comparison words in green
  • Highlight the dates to remember in yellow

Prepare two exams simultaneously: keep the motivation alive

Motivation decreases when you don’t have the right method to do things. Maybe you’re tired after following a full semester of lessons, and you’d like to drop everything and go on vacation. It is at this time that you have to keep your motivation alive: what prompted you to start university? What are your work goals? What would happen if I didn’t get a degree? Certainly it is not worth giving up your studies: now that you understand it, below with the study!

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