You may have followed the wrong study method for years: here are the basic rules

Do you want to get the most out of your study but do not know how to manage the time available to you? Here are some practical tips

University exams: the study method

The study method is essential for every student. Spend hours with your head bent over books, your eyesight is always weaker and your head heavier, spend hours repeating concepts and doing exercises continuously. And yet the results never seem to arrive, with the questions in which you manage to snatch up enough short and tests in which you get lost in a glass of water.

Needless to give in to discouragement and make sure of stupidity.

If the commitment is there and it is constant, perhaps what you lack is the appropriate study method. A bit like the gym, it is useless – and sometimes counterproductive – to waste enormous amounts of energy if the exercises are not adequately structured according to an order suited to your personal characteristics.

First of all we must specify that you will not go anywhere if you are not willing to study hard.

The amount of hours to devote to the activity will change depending on your skills, but the commitment will always be necessary. Having clarified this point, it is necessary to understand whether the place where you usually study is suitable for not making you lose concentration (and so far it will not really need the help of a specialist), and getting rid of all the elements that can make you lose. lucidity (you know very well what it is) but above all how long your ability to focus on a certain topic can last.

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